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Atul Mohidekar
26-Jul-2008, 11:42

I'm trying to figure out the different search string patterns supported on the LF forum. Different search engines support different search string patterns (e.g. AND, OR, parenthesis, quotes, etc.). For example, google and eBay support very different search string patterns.

1. How are the logical AND and OR operators supported in the search string patterns?

For example, google supports the following:
Arca OR B1 OR ballhead - finds all the pages that have either of the three words, Arca, B1 or ballhead, present in the text

Arca AND B1 AND ballhead - finds all the pages that have all of the three words, Arca, B1 and ballhead, present in the text

2. Why doesn't search for B1 return any results on the forum? I have tried B1 and "B1" (with quotes), but neither one returns any results. B-1 does return posts that have B-1 present in the text. But I want to search for B1 and not for B-1.

3. The grouping of words with quotation marks does not seem to work on the forum. For example, "Arca Swiss ballhead" should return all the posts that have the three words exactly in that sequence next to each other. But this serach string returns all the posts that have all the three words present anywhere in the post, not necessarily in that sequence. Is there any other way of accomplishing this search functionality on the forum?

4. I have not mentioned some other slightly advanced patterns supported by other search engines. Are there any other search string patterns supported on the forum?


// Atul

Atul Mohidekar
28-Jul-2008, 07:53
No answers? Moderators? Anyone?

// Atul

Colin Graham
28-Jul-2008, 08:03
I was trying a search the other day with a keyword of only 2 letters (XP, as in windows) and it wouldn't accept the parameter. Too short, it omitted the keyword entirely, which is somewhat frustrating. I can understand omitting 'and' 'or' and the like, but there are many short acronyms in the vernacular that should be included in the search.

28-Jul-2008, 08:40
"Search" functions of most forums I have visited are nearly useless. I suspect this is done on purpose by the software engineers to encourage posting, which drives the forum.

Josh Z.
28-Jul-2008, 09:16
Why not just use Google? Putting "site:largeformatphotography.info" in google's search will limit it to this domain.

Atul Mohidekar
28-Jul-2008, 17:45
Thanks, Josh, for the suggestion. I have been doing exactly that but wanted to know if there are any search engine features that are specific to this forum. Also, google won't be able to find pages/posts that are only accessible to the members of the LF forum and require one to log into the forum.

// Atul