View Full Version : Image circle of Fujinon 300-L f5.6

Louis Jensen
7-Feb-2001, 09:33
Does anyone know the diameter of the image circle for a Fujinon 300-L f5.6 lens. That is, how much movement is possible using it on an 8x10 camera?

Thanks, LJ

Kerry L. Thalmann
7-Feb-2001, 12:59
343mm at infinity. If you assume the actual image area of the 8x10 film is 7.75"x9.75" (varies slightly with brand of holder), you'd get about 20mm of front rise for horizontal shots or 16mm for verticals. So, you get a modest amount of movement, but less than an inch of rise/fall or shift in any direction (assuming you are shooting at infinity).

For complete specs on this lens, go to: