View Full Version : Source for Norma/Sinar P bellow frames

Robert Fisher
26-Jul-2008, 06:07
Anybody know of a source for Norma/Sinar P bellow frames?


erie patsellis
26-Jul-2008, 07:20
A set of pinholed bellows, or you can cut out the majority of a lensboard (the Norma bellows, IIRC, had a large round hole in the front frame) if you have a friend with a machine shop, you can take a couple of lensboards and make a huge square hole in the center, should work quite well, though it will be heavier than the original plastic.

Ken Lee
8-Aug-2008, 09:55
Try Glennview (http://www.glennview.com/sinar.htm) in Chicago

He too loves the Norma best of all.

Another possibility is Igor's Camera Exchange (http://igorcamera.com/sinar.htm). Igor is another Sinar lover.

Peter De Smidt
9-Aug-2008, 09:13
Call Sinar. I bought some from them a few years ago for a reasonable cost. Or try Bob Watkins at precision camera repair.

9-Aug-2008, 09:18
... Another possibility is Igor's Camera Exchange (http://igorcamera.com/sinar.htm). Igor is another Sinar lover.

Be careful with Igor's ratings.

I bought a camera from him, based upon, among other things, his rating of Vg or Ex. When I received it I would have called it fair to poor. In fairness to Igor, he included a lot in the deal, and I can't complain about the financial aspect, but his ratings are not even close to what I'd use as description. It took two rounds of repairs to get that camera to workable condition. One more bit of work will be needed to return it to excellent.


9-Aug-2008, 09:19
If you need a Norma rear standard I have one I can sell you. Everything is in horrid condition though. Else I am about to sell a few spare Norma parts I have on epay.