View Full Version : Schneider 72mm XL fits Linhof/Wista recessed board?

7-Feb-2001, 03:30
The lens front is 100mm. The board is 96x99mm. They probably won't fit each othe r, is it correct? BTW have you visited Arch in St Louis? Any WA lens/field camer a can do the job under this extreme condition, when you are so close to such a t all guy?

Bob Salomon
7-Feb-2001, 11:04
001016 lens board

john g
7-Feb-2001, 11:06
It should work. The rear element is the one you have to worry about,if it will fit through the front standard opening. For example I have a 360mm tele arton with a 97mm front element and it has room to spare on a linhof technica V. However test this first or make sure you can return the lens.

7-Feb-2001, 15:21
Hi Bob, that's the board I'm talking about. Another thing worries me is if there is enough room to let you finger in to adjust the shutter speed and f stop.

7-Feb-2001, 16:45

The rear lens unit (with a 75 mm diameter), with its cap off, will clear the standard front mount openning. These are the things you need to adjust shutter speed and aperture ring: long-nose pliers, dental mirror, and flashlight. It's a great lens! :-)

Bob Salomon
7-Feb-2001, 16:59
It is the same board and shutter the 150 uses. No problem with fingers unless they are huge.

7-Feb-2001, 17:25

Does "the 150" (XL) use a Copal #1 Shutter? Here's the board:


Bob Salomon
7-Feb-2001, 20:41
I don't know why one would use the 150XL on a Technika and there is no recessed board for a 1 shutter for the Technika.

The Apso Sironar S is the best optic that can be used on the Technika in 150

Larry Huppert
8-Feb-2001, 00:50
I'm with Geoffrey on the ergonomic aspects of using Copal 0 based lenses on recessed Linhof lensboards. I don't use needle nose pliers, but I will use a pen or something else to push the aperture lever and cock the shutter. You may also have trouble easily attaching a flash sync cord without modification as there may not be enough clearance depending on which particular recessed board your using. The small flashlight idea is a good one. Also, a Copal Press shutter won't fit. The 72XL is a great lens. It can take you where others can't.