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23-Jul-2008, 09:54
do they cover 8x10?

MIke Sherck
23-Jul-2008, 10:01
"Copal 1" is the name of the shutter; the lens is mounted into the shutter. The shutter controls the aperture and shutter speed functions of the lens; many different lenses from different manufacturers may fit into the same size shutter. A Copal 1 is a small shutter and there aren't many lenses which fit into that small shutter which will also cover 8x10.

Look at the front of the lens or the outside of the lens barrel (the metal cylinder which holds the glass.) There should be the manufacturer's name on there somewhere (Schneider-Kruznach, Fuji, Rodenstock, Nikon, etc.) and some indication of the focal length of the lens (could be in either inches, millimeters, or centimeters.) Give us that information and we can help.


23-Jul-2008, 10:39
There's a number that will cover 8X10.

Gene McCluney
23-Jul-2008, 10:44
There are lenses mounted in much smaller shutters than Copal 1 that will even cover 11x14. (Protar). The shutter has nothing to do with the "coverage" of the lens. The only exception to this rule is if the lens was not originally mounted in a shutter, and it was retrofitted into a shutter that was not adequate for the full coverage of the lens.

Glenn Thoreson
23-Jul-2008, 11:02
Send it to me and I'll let you know...... :D

Dan Fromm
23-Jul-2008, 12:30
There are also many lenses made to fit #1 shutters that won't come close to covering 8x10. For an absurd example, the 80/2.8 Planar.

#1 is the size, Copal is the make. Lens cells that will fit a Copal #1 will also fit a Compur #1, may also fit a Prontor #1 Press and Copal #1 Press. Compur and Prontor are also makes of shutter. The Copal #1 conforms to the Compur #1 standard.

#1 press shutters conform to the thread diameter/pitch and barrel length and iris' maximum diameter parts of the standard, not to the diaphragm location part. Some, not all, rear cells that will fit perfectly well into the back a Compur or Copal #1 will hit a #1 Press shutter's diaphragm.

Beware, US-made #1 shutters (Supermatic, Rapax, Alphax, Ilex) conform to their makers' standards and no others.