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Ed Richards
22-Jul-2008, 15:55
I have been looking at some filters that are either only available in gel or are only affordable in gel/polyester. I have tried the Lee filter frames, but they require trimming the filters to a smaller size, then glueing them into the holder - hard to do without risking damage to the filters. Any good alternatives? Since I use a Lee holder, a 4x4 holder that is hinged on one side would be great.

22-Jul-2008, 16:04
Calumet in 3x3 and 4x4 sizes.

David A. Goldfarb
22-Jul-2008, 16:13
I've used the Calumet frames. They are adhesive backed and attach to the filter.

Alan Rabe
23-Jul-2008, 04:36
I also use the calumet frames. I actually use three per filter, makes for a very rigid frame. Then you just hold them in front of the lens when you fire the shutter. Since I also meter thru the filter it makes it easier to use this method.

Ed Richards
23-Jul-2008, 08:56
Are the Calumet frames still available? All I can find on the Calumet WWW site are the Lee frames.

Peter Lewitt
23-Jul-2008, 09:39

I use mostly Lee resin and some polyester filters. While Lee does trim the polyester filters in their packaged sets, they are not glued. I have had fine results with simply clipping the corners and making a small v-notch on 2 sides to clear the little pins that join the 2 framehalves. No glue is needed unless the frames get loose. Gluing the filter itself may cause it to warp; better to let in float freely in the frame.

I used the Calumet frames for years and like the Lee better, especially for use in their holders.

The plastic frames can deflect in the Lee holder (and bend the filter) if you leave the slot closest to the lens empty. To avoid this just fill that slot first.

Also Lee warns that polyester filters must be placed between the lens and polariser.

I've been able to clean the polyester filters using a microfiber cloth, but know when to let go. I ruined some film with a stressed polyester filter used in combination with another filter.

Ed Richards
23-Jul-2008, 13:53

The lee frames I have do not hold together when snapped, so I edge glued them. Unfortuntely, this did slightly warp the filter. I like the idea of notching the filters, I will try that, perhaps with a new set of filter frames.

When you say you ruined film with a stressed filter, I am assuming it was in combination with a polarizer? Otherwise, I do not see how a warped polyester filter would affect the image.

23-Jul-2008, 14:05
try this (http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/162544-REG/LEE_Filters_GS_Gel_Snap_4x4_Filter.html). sounds like it is just what you are looking for

23-Jul-2008, 18:40

I can't find them either although are shown in the photos of the Xenophon gel holders...another darn good product for monorail cameras or others with big enough lens boards.

I have gotten lots of these off of ebay over the years so keep your eyes open there.

Good Luck.

Ed Richards
24-Jul-2008, 09:29
Thanks Eddie, but first you have to get the filter into that frame, and that is my problem.:-)