View Full Version : Gitzo Tripod number matchup

Lenny Eiger
22-Jul-2008, 15:15
Does anyone have an old Gitzo catalog around somewhere.

I need to compare the size of an older "1348" to a current number. Does it match the reporter size legs or the studex? I have a 3540 and a 1228 - which one is the old 1348 closest to?

If anyone has a pdf from a few years back, from the first carbon series... that' wold do it...



Eric Leppanen
22-Jul-2008, 15:27
Here is a 2006 catalog, but it still references the 1348:


QT Luong
22-Jul-2008, 15:29
1*3*28 is a studex (series 3), closest to your 3540, while your 1*2*28 is a series 2.

Lenny Eiger
22-Jul-2008, 15:41
Thanks, guys. It isn't the answer I wanted, but it is correct ;-)

I wanted to carry a lighter one around. I may yet... I found the flex was more in the head that in the tripod... working on a new head...

Altho, I noticed that my 3540 is rate to carry up to 39.7 lbs and the 1348 is only rated at 26.5 lbs. That means my 2 series, which ought to hold 22-26 lbs, if I read the new one correctly, might hold my Canham lightweight, at 8.4 lbs. (lens is another 4 lbs, probably - it feels like another 50 lbs). Total is about 12 lbs - a 22 lb capable tripod should hold it - am I crazy?

Thanks again,