View Full Version : Changing a Prontor-Press shutter

Richard Årlin
9-Apr-2001, 06:40
I have a special 90 mm Super-Angulon 1:8/90 Sinar wide-angle camera with the len s mounted with a Prontot-Press shutter on a helical focuser in a conical tube di rectly on the rear standard. This is a lovely if somewhat weird camera. As I hav e recently orderd a SV45TE Ebony that I will use with a 150 and a 300 mm lens I have been thinking of getting a Copal 0 or 1 (?) for the 90 mm. To put it simply , can you just order a shutter and screw it together or is it more complicated? Thanks

Chris Ellinger
9-Apr-2001, 09:48
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John H. Henderson
9-Apr-2001, 13:00
Unless there is something very unusual about your particular 90mm/8 SA, yes, you should be able to unscrew the front and rear elements and screw them right into a Copal or Compur 0 shutter. It doesn't take an expert to do that. Doesn't even require tools if you have hands. The thing that you do need to see someone like Steve Grimes for is if you want a properly matched aperture scale.

I'm not familiar with this Sinar you have, but the Prontor Press shutter might be a regular LF shutter mounted to this cone. I.e., unscrew the lens elements and look for a retaining ring in the back holding the shutter into the cone. You'll need a spanner wrench to remove the ring.

If you can easily remove the Prontor, you can use it on an Ebony board, and you don't have to run right out and buy a new shutter, if money flow is an object.