View Full Version : Kodak Anastigmat mount size?

Oren Grad
21-Jul-2008, 12:24
Can anyone tell me whether the different focal lengths among the barrel-mount "30 Series" Kodak f/4.5 Anastigmats share the same screw mount size? I'm looking to replace the hazy 6 3/8" one that came with my quarter-plate Graflex, and I'm trying to figure out what my options are. Putting a ruler across the flange, the mount appears to be just about 49mm in diameter.

Also, it would be interesting to know whether any other barrel lenses share the same thread.

Glenn Thoreson
22-Jul-2008, 16:12
What you ask could be hard to answer. I have two number 33 Anastigmats and they're both different. One is in a dial set Compur and the other one is just plain weird. It's a barrel lens in a silly mount that involves a couple of brass adapter rings. Hard to explain. That's about all I can say.