View Full Version : Anyone here using a 12" Commercial Ektar?

Mark Minard
6-Feb-2001, 10:47
Hi all,

If so, what size filter does this lens accept? I've scoured the web and come up with some conflicting answers... I really prefer the B+W screw in filters, which I've used on my TLR with much success.

Mark Minard
6-Feb-2001, 10:50
I'm not sure if this matters, but the serial# is OM173 (manufactured in 1963). Thanks.

6-Feb-2001, 13:41
Probably series 8. Measure the filter thread diameter. If it is 63 mm, then it is series 8. Tiffen and Hama used to make step-up rings to 67 mm. Look for them on the used market. Or you can have Steve Grimes make a step-up ring to any size you want (www.skgrimes.com) for about $50.

7-Feb-2001, 21:00
The Commercial Ektars are all threaded in inches. The 10" unit I have is about 2" dia ~ 52 mm. A 52 mm filter sort of works but you can really feel binding. I machined up an adapter ring and it is much better.

I don't know the size of the 12" CE. The other respondents indicated that a series filter adapter is the way to go. This adapter slides on the outside of the lens but unless you get one that goes to a metric thread you will still be out of luck. If you troll thru an older camera store's filter bins you should be able to find series adapter and with any luck you should be able to find a metric or even a series filter that fits in it.

Hope this was of some value, Cheerios