View Full Version : CZJ 105mm f4.5 Tessar vs Fujinon NW 105mm f5.6

21-Jul-2008, 06:50
I intend to work 6x9 (actually no problem to crop to 6x8) on my Gowland 4x5 all moves. I know Fujinon offers 162mm image circle, multi coated and comes with a Copal shutter but haven't got much idea on the Zeiss one that comes with an old Compur shutter and doesn't show any sign of coating at all. I am curious to know which one would you recommend? How big is the image circle of CZJ 105mm f4.5 @ f22? They are both inexpensive so price is not an issue here.

Ole Tjugen
21-Jul-2008, 07:14
The Tessar only covers straight on, and is probably taken from an old 6x9 folder.

If price is not an issue get the newest one.

Dan Fromm
21-Jul-2008, 07:15
redu, the f/4.5 Tessar rule of thumb is that coverage < 1.1 focal length. Get the Fuji.

21-Jul-2008, 07:47
Thank you very much for prompt support. Highly appreciated.