View Full Version : 240 mm G-Claron for 8X10?

Kevin Crisp
9-Apr-2001, 17:11
Has anyone tried an older (1967) G Claron 240mm lens with 8X10 film? If so, doe s it cover and is there any room for movements? Thanks.

Paul Mongillo
9-Apr-2001, 17:31
There is a ton of lens info on this website. Check this out. http://www.cs.berkeley.edu/~qtluong/photography/lf/lenseslist.html

Brian Ellis
10-Apr-2001, 03:16
I use a 210 mm G Claron for 8x10. Although its specs would indicate that it doesn't cover 8x10, in fact it does when stopped down to F 22 or smaller. I'm not much of a lens technical type but my understanding is that the G Claron design is of a type that results in gradually increasing coverage as the lens is stopped down so that at F 22 it reaches 8x10 coverage and as you go smaller the ooverage continues to increase so that at F 45 or 64 there's room for a good bit of movement. I would assume the same is true of the 240 and that it would cover 8x10 with room sto spare at smaller apertures but I don't know for sure. I've been very pleased with the 210 - small, light, and very sharp at least with the contact prints I make.

William Marderness
11-Apr-2001, 00:22
I have used this lens for 8x10. It covers and there is room for limited movements. I found myself running out of image circle, so I switched to a 270mm G-claron, which I am happier with. It has enough coverage, and I don't mind the longer lens.