View Full Version : Characteristics of Efke OP12 film?

5-Feb-2001, 07:33
Does anyone of you know anything about the (Efke) OP12 film?

AFAIK, it seems to be a graphic (as in reprographic) film with a supposedly high contrast, coming in metric 9x12 and 24x30 cm sizes.

Thanks in advance,

26-Feb-2001, 04:54
Well, I'll answer my own question ;). I bought a box of Efke OP12. It is a reprographic orthochromatic film, ISO 12. I going to do some tests, and process them in D-23 or maybe diluted HC-110. It's pretty cheap, (compared to the kodak films I am using in 4x5") about 20 cents a sheet. ($20 for 100 sheets) Maybe I'll post a pic, if anyone's interested.