View Full Version : Technika III and film holders

18-Jul-2008, 13:04
Ok excuse the extreme newbieness of the question, but having just got a Technika III and 2 spare Fidelity 4x5 film holders, I have no idea how you pair the two.

Any sites/advice on how you actually make the film holder fit to the Technika would be greatly appreciated. Right now it looks like they don't fit, and I think a manual purchase might be the best option.


Peter K
18-Jul-2008, 13:36
Early Technika III were also equipped with single film holders. But the back can easily removed. Turn the back 45° and slip the four brackets away. Now the back can be exchanged with an international back, the same used with the Master-Technika today.

Film holders with "Millionenfalz", so called "million groove" were common and sometimes aviable at internet auctions.

Patrik Roseen
18-Jul-2008, 13:55
Here are some links that might give you the answer you are looking for.