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17-Jul-2008, 06:26
Picture this, if you will.

I get my sweet sweet graphic view II in the mail yesterday. I open it up, see that everything is as beautiful as I imagined. I grab my box of 100 4x5 film and rush to the dark room to open it and take out a sheet, practice loading in the light about 25 times, then load a holder. Take two shots, the shutter is working perfectly from what I metered, and the shot I took at one stop over looks just that way as well! Develops perfectly, pictures...wonderful! I go load all 6 holders and go shoot 4 around town, get home and sit my camera on the couch for a moment to get a box for it...in this time my girlfriend accidently breaks my ground glass. I am a mans man, but I sob. Now I've gathered up my sad little pieces, and must look for a replacement. I searched the forums and didn't see anything about replacing a graflex GG, and wasn't sure how much they differ from company to company. Any help you can give me here will be just great, as I'm honestly still in some what of a shock that I can't use my camera after just getting precious few hours with it.

Thanks ever so much, and please don't crucify me :(


17-Jul-2008, 06:50
So blame the girlfriend, eh? :) You can make your own ground glass---


You can also easily get a replacement on eBay--just search for ground glass and you'll find a guy that will do replacements in any size. It's always good to have a replacement handy--so buy two.

Dave Parker
17-Jul-2008, 06:51
Hi Will,

Drop into ebay, in the camera section, the guy that goes by the name photofinder sells screens to fit your camera, it is the same size as the crown graphic screen. He has them in stock and ships normally the same day.

The size of your screen is 4 13/16" x 3 15/16"

Dave Parker
Satin Snow Ground Glass

17-Jul-2008, 07:58
Thanks guys!

I just messaged the guy on ebay, and I think I might try my hand at grinding my own as well. See how I do with that, hah.

Thanks for both the links!


erie patsellis
17-Jul-2008, 13:18
as an emergency replacement, get a piece of glass or acrylic the proper size, spray Krylon window frosting on (a couple of light coats) and go shoot film. Not quite as sharp as a properly ground glass, but works better than most would think.