View Full Version : Using and fixing LUC shutters ???

W K Longcor
16-Jul-2008, 11:33
I just saw a LUC shutter on THE internet auction (Item number: 380045998632) and it reminded me that I had a few of them tucked away. So I went digging and came up with two of them -- a "Medium" size ( still big) and a really big one. The medium one seems to work -- could use a good cleaning to smooth out the motion. The big one ( the one I really want to use - sure) needs more attention. Both of mine look to be in better condition than the one up for sale now. I'm ready to get out my tiny screw driver and open things up -- I've done total rebuilds on Packards before and even done some " open and clean" on some Alphax and Older Compurs. I'm not sure what to expect inside the LUC. I figure they shouldn't be too much more complicated than a Packard ( I hope). Anybody out there got any experience with these guys???:confused:

David A. Goldfarb
16-Jul-2008, 11:36
I have a shutter of this type, but it doesn't have any brand on it, so I don't know if it's a LUC, but I've opened it, and it is pretty simple.

W K Longcor
16-Jul-2008, 11:40
I though that it should be fairly simple. Just didn't want he suprise of a tiny spring launching itself to parts unknown! Tonight it gets opened!

Jan Pedersen
16-Jul-2008, 11:48
Luc shutters are pretty simple, i had mine opened for a complete clean and lube a couple of years ago and it is still working great. No springs should come flying at you.

W K Longcor
16-Jul-2008, 19:19
BINGO! Three tiny screws and everything opened up! There is a lot of open space inside now -- where there used to be 70 or so years worth of dirt and crud. All cleaned out and works like a charm. Now it goes on the front of a 21 1/2 inch f/5 Ilex portrait lens.