View Full Version : Is your Ebony SV45 TE rattling?

16-Jul-2008, 01:36
I got a second hand Ebony SV45 TE. The camera was made about 15 years ago, but everything is in perfectly good condition. There is only one thing that makes me unconfortable. As you know, there are three focus knobs on this camera. The front and rear knobs work as smooth and tight as my metal Linhof Master 45, but the focus knob in the middle is rattling and a little bit loose. It is not serious, and the gears and rails can work perfectly well.
My friend said to me that I should not expect a wooden camera to be as precise as a Linhof Tecknika Master. I just want to check with your guys to see if my Ebony needs service.
Thanks a lot, friends!

Paul O
16-Jul-2008, 03:30
Hi. Does the problem lie with the focus knob or the knob that loosens the focus mechanism - standing behind the camera is the knob on the right or left hand side? The reason I ask is that if it is the left hand side it is simply a case of tightening the screw that is recessed into the middle of the knob - this sometimes works loose. I haven't got my Ebony at hand to check the fitment of this knob but will try and check later today.

16-Jul-2008, 04:30
Thanks Paul for your quick reply. I am not talking about the smaller knob on the left which is used for fastening. Instead, I refer to the bigger knob on the right side, which is used for focusing. A friend said that it is normal for this knob in the middle to be relatively more flexible when compared with the other two knobs, because this knob will "overtake" the rail from the front knob when a wide angle lens is used. A more flexible knob can better ensure smooth transition of the rail from one gear shaft to the other. I don't know if this argument is reasonable or not. I have beening using Linhof for a long time, my Tecknika Master 45 is quite and smooth at all times. Maybe, I should hear more rattling before ignoring it from my attention.

16-Jul-2008, 04:37
Again, when I talk about a rattling or loose knob, it is only in relative terms when compared with the other two knobs. The knobs itself looks fine and firmly fit with the gear shaft.

Joanna Carter
16-Jul-2008, 10:58
Do you mean that the knob appears to turn but not have any effect moving the front standard until it "engages"? If so, this could be because there are two grub screws that hold the gears onto the spindle and these can come loose. I had that problem on mine, but it was relatively simple to fix with a very small allen key, once the bellows were removed to give access.

Don Dudenbostel
16-Jul-2008, 12:18
I wouldn't say mine rattles but it's more loose than the others. I believe your friend is right in that it needs to be a little more forgiving to smoothly take over the focusing rail as it moves closer to the rear standard.

I had a Master Technika for almost thirty years and loved it. I used it commercially and shot thousands of sheets through it with no problems. I have to say I feel the Ebony is up there with the Master. It's just as precise and much more flexible in function. It's wonderfully designed and built.

17-Jul-2008, 08:06
Thanks Don and Joanna for your help. The gears have been firmly held onto the spindle, so there is nothing wrong with the grub screws. Given Don's description, I think this camera of mine is in good shape. I am a little too nervous because it is the camera made more than ten years ago.
By the way, I am quite impressed by the craftsmanship of Ebony. The wood and the metal parts are all very well made. It is obvious that the previous owner has taken good care of this camera. I like it very much.