View Full Version : Cleaning up a Busch Pressman D

Steve Goldstein
15-Jul-2008, 16:08
I just received a fairly nice Pressman D with 135mm Raptar, Kalart, and very nice bellows. Now to start cleaning it up...

While contemplating the obvious dirt, replacement of the fractured ground glass, and the possibility of having to go into the rangefinder to replace the beamsplitter, I noticed that all the small springs seem to have some light greenish deposit on them that looks almost fuzzy. Is this destructive or harmful? Is it possible to clean it without complete disassembly? And how can I keep it from coming back?

Of course, any non-obvious advice pertaining to this camera is most welcome!

Thanks all.

Turner Reich
15-Jul-2008, 16:52
Take your time and label each part that comes off, new mirror is available for the Kalart, every thing should clean up just fine and it's a great camera. Good luck, let us know how it goes and any specific questions. The fuzz should wipe right off and the green will clean off too. Cleaned up it will be all right.