View Full Version : User reports on Super Symmar XL 80mm/4.5?

Ross Martin
6-Apr-2001, 15:59
Hi All,

This question was asked recently by another poster, with no responses. Allow me to put it out there again: Anyone out there who has used the new Schneider 80mm /4.5 XL want to give us a field report?

Thanks in advance.

Bruce Pollock
7-Apr-2001, 02:15
Maybe it's so stunningly expensive, none have been sold yet.

Steve Clark
7-Apr-2001, 11:07
I`ve been told the back-order is so huge that only a few people have them, and the rest of us are still waiting...

Mike Kravit
8-Apr-2001, 23:33
I received my 80/4.5 XL a few months ago. So far the results I have gotten are superb. The lens is lightweight, sharp, compact, sharp, has nice contrast, sharp, hace adequate movements, is sharp and best of all it is very sharp!


William Stone
9-Apr-2001, 10:06
I've shot just a few sheets with my new 80XL. From what I have seen, I would aagree with Mike re: the lens being sharp, contrasty, and nicely compact (great size for a field photographer). My only complaint is that my lens does seem to suffer from light fall- off; so much so that I felt I need the center filter to even things out - so I bought one. As you probably expect, this problem is most apparent with subjects like evenly illuminated skies (I shoot color landscapes - mostly on Velvia - primarily in the American Southwest and do a lot with "big skies."). The filter does take care of the problem, but it was frustrating to have to go the extra expense and, especially, to deal with filter size complications. I'm sure I will not have to use the filter for all types of images, but there are times... Overall, I'd say I am pleased, but not quite ecstatic, with the lens. This is feedback from a somewhat-recent convert to this wonderful obsession. Bill

Mike Kravit
11-Apr-2001, 23:44

Do you REALLY have that much light fall off with yours? I don't and really wonder why you are. I also shoot a SA 58XL and have light fall off with that lens.

In fact, I just took a look at some Astia I shot while visiting my son at college a few weeks ago. I shot without filtration and there is no noticable light fall off.

Sorry to hear you are having that problem.