View Full Version : Are there different Unicolor drums?

David Willis
2-Feb-2001, 18:27
I recently placed an order with B&H. Among other things, I ordered an 8x10 Unic olor drum. The guy asked me if I wanted the $50 film drum or the $15 drum. I w ent for the $15, but told him I wanted the one with ridges inside. It came toda y. It is white with a smaller black tube sticking out. Inside it is completely smooth. Should I have purchased the $50 drum? Are there different types of Un icolor drums?

Thanks, Dave

2-Feb-2001, 19:38
You should have purchased the $50 drum. You can find them used for $5 to $25. I purchased mine for $5 at a local camera shop. You could also consider the Beseler drum. It is a nice product but I selected the Unicolor drum because I liked the Unicolor motor base roller.

John Hicks
3-Feb-2001, 00:36
A Unicolor-brand print drum, used for developing sheet film and prints, is black , has ribs and ridges inside, nothing sticking out and a bayonet-on cap. Very ea rly ones (25+ years) are white but otherwise similar.

You may have gotten a very old Unicolor film drum; it'll take only plastic ree ls or steel reels with the appropriate center tubes.

11-Apr-2001, 14:22
I have been search high and low for new uniroller motorbase and drums, does anyone know a source where I could order from. I wouldn't want to go the Ebay route, half the time, either I get leaking drum or hairline crack, or the motor went bust after a couple of weeks.I wonder if they are still been made and sold? Thanks in advance, James

John Hicks
11-Apr-2001, 23:55
Unicolor drums and motors haven't been made in quite a while. With _lots_ of dig ging you might find new old stock somewhere.