View Full Version : Sinar F / F1 differences

Mike Mahoney
7-Apr-2001, 18:10
Could someone tell me the differences between the Sinar F and the F1? Many Thank s.

Ellis Vener
7-Apr-2001, 21:51
tripod mount, and depending on what iteration of the F1 you are looking at, the depth-of-field / tilt angle calculator is different. my personal opinion is that the older models of the F1 are more rigid than the new ones. Frankly I've never been very impressed with the SINAR F1 or F2, especially when you compare the price of a new one to the price of an ARCA-SWISS F-line. the SINAR C,C2,P,P2,or X cameras are terrific however.

Stefan Geysen
8-Apr-2001, 06:41
The Sinar F models I've seen lack the angle calculator of the F1/F2. They do have the depth-of-field calculator. The difference between the F and the F1 is mainly cosmetic, like the difference between the P and the P2. I've worked with the F2 for about 2.5 years, and compared to cameras like the Horseman LE, Linhof Kardan E or my current camera (Cambo Legend) the F1/F2 is more refined feature-wise (yaw-free, angle calculator), but also more delicate.