View Full Version : Lite Pink Cloud on Fuji Acros Sheet Film

13-Jul-2008, 19:28
Hi all,

I just developed some 4x5 Fuji Acros sheets (not the QuickLoad version) and notincd a light pink band running horizontally across the top where the notches are. Some of them are little retangular boxes with holes somewhat reminicient of 35mm film sprockets but they kind of bled out to the edge near the center of the sheet and then returned to the little boxes to the oposite edge (i.e., left to right as you look at the sheet with "Fuji Film..: facing you.

Any idea what this is?



13-Jul-2008, 19:43
I'm processing by hand witha Jobo 2509N reel and tank.

13-Jul-2008, 20:21
Does it look as though it were undeveloped or not fixed properly? If not then it may the anti-halation layer and that should come out with either a second fix, second permawash, or a longer water wash. I had similar problems not too long ago and some people on this board were helpful in remedying the issue.

13-Jul-2008, 20:36
Thanks for the reply Jordan.

No, it's not the fix. I routinely check the fix before I begin a session and I fix Acros for 5 minutes. Also, I also pre-soak fo at least 2 minutes to remove the dye. Additionally, I processed some 120 Acros by hand right after in a Jobo 1500 tank and reels and the light pink bank does not appear. It only appears on the sheet film and appears to start righgt where the reel grove stops - in other words the top edge of the sheet that fits in the groove is clear. The band itself is close to the width of the reel grove except around the center of the sheet where it bleeds to the edge of the sheet.