View Full Version : Canham Roll Film Back?

Michael Kadillak
7-Apr-2001, 17:30
Anyone got their hands yet on the roll film back Keith Canham is making for thei r 5x7 cameras? I heard that several dealers are expecting them in soon. Comments on the design and would you recommend them?


Ellis Vener
7-Apr-2001, 21:45
Not until at least June according to Jeff Wheeler at Quality Camera in Atlanta. I'm sure they are going to be up to the extremely high Canham standards. I've spoken to Keith several times about the back. It is designed to work with the Canham MQC camera, not the more traditional T57 camera.

Michael Kadillak
8-Apr-2001, 11:20
We these backs are finally delivered, would someone that acquires one please provide us with your impressions of it?


Skip Roessel
3-Jul-2001, 13:46
As noted on another thread, this back is currently forecast for September 2001, due to military work Ken's machinist is obliged to complete first. skip roessel