View Full Version : 25ISO - 125ISO Black White Film

bob carnie
13-Jul-2008, 07:01
I am currently trying to source out roll film, 16", 20",24",30" or 32" by minimum 40ft to 200ft.
It must be BlackWhite, continuous tone thickbase so that I can use it in an applicaction I want to test.
I have found Ilford FP4 to suit my needs but minimum order is 23rolls which amounts to around 9K taxes in.
At this point I am not sure 100% that what I want to do will actually work as I think it well and one roll is all I need to test.

Does anyone have any suggestions on where I may find such an item??

Ralph Barker
13-Jul-2008, 09:30
Hmmmm. Big rolls. My thoughts immediately went to Richard Ritter building a 24" Cirkut-style panoramic camera for you. ;)

Have you talked to Harman about getting a test roll, Bob?

David A. Goldfarb
13-Jul-2008, 09:33
Photo Warehouse? I know they're not cutting down Ilford anymore, but they may be able to do something.

13-Jul-2008, 10:35
Fotoimpex may be able to get you efke films without such a large order.