View Full Version : Can you mount a 42cm Heliar on Deardorff

12-Jul-2008, 18:40
Hello everyone,

I'm looking for a 42cm Heliar to do some portrait work on my Deardorff because 36cm is abit short for me still. I use Packard shutter adapter. Is there any chance I can mount it safely on Deardorff 6x6 board? I would greatly appreciate any response.

By the way, I have 48cm Heliar that I thought I could mount on Deardorff but impossible. It would be ideal for anyone doing 11x14. PM me for price.


12-Jul-2008, 19:31
A studio Deardorff yes; a V8 no, especially with a Packard shutter adapter. A 42cm Heliar is a fairly big and heavy lens.

John Kasaian
12-Jul-2008, 20:06
Will the packard fromt mounted?

12-Jul-2008, 20:23
no the packard is a box adapter. But i can front mount another if thats necessary. I'm just keen on get that Heliar on the dorff !

Jim Galli
12-Jul-2008, 21:07
What Will said. Too big for the 'dorff. Meant for the big Century Studio cameras with the 9X9" lens boards.

12-Jul-2008, 21:51
I think you just break my heart Jim :(

Anyone wants to buy 48cm for their 11x14 letme know !

13-Jul-2008, 09:42
The outside diameter of the ring on my 42cm Heliar is 6-5/8 inches. You can probably mount it on a 6-inch board if you square the 4 sides of the mounting ring. Another option is to have someone, such as SK Grimes, make a custom ring. I mounted my 42cm Heliar on a 141mm Arca board with a custom SK Grimes ring.

Paul Fitzgerald
13-Jul-2008, 09:57

you CAN fit a 420 Heliar onto a 6x6 board but it would have to be a custom made threaded aluminum board. I don't know if a Dorff front standard can hold 6+ lbs. of lens, all out front.

a 420/5.5 Dogmar fits well at 3.75 lbs. (flange)
a 420 /4.5 Ysar fits at 3.5 lbs. (threaded board)
a 480/5.5 fits at 4.5 lbs. (threaded board)

I have each mounted for a Calumet C-1 with internal packard, same size boards as the 'dorff but the C-1 can hold up a car.

each has a very nice 'look' for portraits and the Dogmars are triple convertible (FL, 1.6xFL, 2.0xFL) so a 300mm would be 300, 480, 600. The Dogmars are a rather lovely soft-focus when converted, sharpening up around f/16.

I'd love the 48cm Heliar but won't have the cash anytime soon.

Good luck with it.

Tim Deming
14-Jul-2008, 11:06

I've mounted my 48cm heliar to my V8. You just need an adapter lensboard to do it, think the opposite of a recessed board for short focal length lenses. I made a wood board that is bigger than 6" square that mounts the lens and then tapers in the back to a 6" square that fits into the V8. Since the diameter of the lens is less than 6", and the adapter is short (less than 1") --there is no vignetting. I front mount a Packard to control exposure.

Realize that I put a separate tripod under the lens as it's very heavy and I dont want to destroy the Dorff!

It's not extremely convenient but it's workable for studio shooting.


16-Jul-2008, 09:10
I have a spare Agfa-Ansco studio camera available if you're interested.