View Full Version : 2-1/2 inch focus!

12-Jul-2008, 16:39
The laugh is on me real good , I bought a beautifull brass in almost perfect condition , Only to have it bite me in the fantail !, How would I go about getting this lens to work on a 4x5 either my toyo 45 or my Cambo/Calumet 45NX :

I know your going to say recess board BUT how deep and what to watch out for so as not to damage lens or the ground glass !

I shot thru the lens with it set a F-8 , I beleive this lens to be a Rapid Rectilinar based on the lenses and the book by Rudolf Kingslake - lenses in photography

Thanks folks !

Gene McCluney
12-Jul-2008, 17:10
I would be very surprised if a (approx) 65mm RR design lens would cover 4x5.

12-Jul-2008, 18:04
If you happen to have a bag bellows for the Calumet, you don't need to worry about the recessed board. Does your bellows that you have now not compress enough to bring this into focus?

When you do get it mounted, you should be able to see whether it has 4x5 coverage or if you will be better off with a roll back or insert such as the Calumet c-22 which gives you a 6x7 roll film neg.