View Full Version : sinar lens board question

12-Jul-2008, 16:15

being a fresh owner of a sinar shutter with lens-board attachment, I came
along several manufacturers that offer lensboards without the specific back
edge/moulding. They even come in wood!

do they work? light-tight? Any experience?



Ole Tjugen
12-Jul-2008, 21:57
There are many other cameras that use Sinar-size lens boards. With some (like my Gandolfi), you may have to remove the "specific back edge/moulding" to get a real Sinar board to work...

13-Jul-2008, 00:42
From personal experience, be careful. I ordered 3 " sinar P compatible " boards to mount old glass on my P and found the boards is too thick to mount if the light trap is not there. It may be the guy who made them had an earlier model Sinar which did not require the moulding. I never got a good answer. From measuring a frame and factory boards, if you do not have the routed light trap, you need a board with a minimum 5mm wide area round the edge that is a maximum of 2mm thick, otherwise you will have difficulty locking it down. You shouldn't have any problem with light tightness if the inner board area is 4mm (or greater) as there will be a good step and the thinner outside will be flush with the frames light trap. If, like me, you are using a sinar copal shutter, then I would keep the board thickness to 4mm as you might damage the auto aperture tab on the shutter. Of course you could add reinforcement to the part opposite opening. That sounds like quite a few constraints... Probably worth paying more to get sinar/horsemann boards drilled to requirements..

17-Jul-2008, 15:18
I totally agree to mikec.

Spend 20$ more to get it right from the beginning.
Better than surprise by light leaks or other effects.
Got a board once without light trap. Lens and board could be moved in frame. Never experienced that with original boards, so I changed it. Feeling better now.