View Full Version : Rodenstock digital lenses on a Mamiya?

12-Jul-2008, 05:40
Does anyone know if you can fit Schneider or Rodenstock lenses to a Mamiya 645AF?

Any info or links would be greatly appreciated.

Oren Grad
12-Jul-2008, 12:16
No. There's no way to adapt the lenses directly to the body flange because the rear cell, even if it would fit through the mount, would project into the body and collide with the mirror. Conceivably, at considerable expense, one could have a mount fabricated for a bellows or extension tube, but then the flange-to-film distance would likely be too great to allow infinity focus with any but the longest of the "digital" focal lengths.

The only practical ways to use the digital lenses with roll film are on a view camera or in helical focus mount on one of the technical cameras like the Cambo Wide DS or the various Alpa 12 models.