View Full Version : what's the use for lever on apo ronar?

11-Jul-2008, 15:39

In a previous thread I asked advice on a trade for a pentax 67 with a complete calumet C1 system. I did the trade, and am VERY happy with the camera (its as solid as a tank!) and the lenses with the sinar shutter are very nice too. I'm wondering what the second lever without a scale (a small pin that can be moved like a diafraghma scale) on the apo ronars is? I have the 240, 360, 480 and 600, and they all have it. What's the function?



Bob Salomon
11-Jul-2008, 16:11
You have a process lens. That is the slot for accessory disks. Those disks are/were available from graphic arts dealers not from photo dealers. Your version of the lens was not sold by camera stores.

Gene McCluney
11-Jul-2008, 19:04
The pin, when rotated opens up a slot where you could insert (if you had them) waterhouse stops, or various filters used for graphic arts work.

12-Jul-2008, 00:04

thanks for the answer,
the camera is a somewhat strange setup,
they managed to attach a sinar F shutter to the front of the camera,
making it possible to work with sinar DB lenses. Which is neat in a way,
having one shutter for all lenses,

Any experience with these lenses for photographic purposes?



Dan Fromm
12-Jul-2008, 04:48
Stefan, I use a 150/9 Apo Ronar, mounted in front of a #1, on my 2x3 Graphics. Its a very good lens at all distances.

And I remember ancient Rodenstock propaganda that insisted that long Apo Ronars were much better for shooting distant subjects than telephoto lenses. Given recent advances in telephoto lenses for LF, I'm not sure this is still true.

Ernest Purdum
13-Jul-2008, 09:13
While the telephoto image quality may noiw be of a high standard, trying to use front tilt or swing with a telephoto lens can drive one to drink or perhaps feel drunk already.

You are fortunate in having the Apo-Ronars. They are excellent tools. The C-1/Sinar setup should give you lots of flexibility.