View Full Version : Adapting filters to ALL lenses using step-up rings

Gary Albertson
2-Feb-2001, 13:48
Being that so many lenses have so many different filter sizes, is it wise to sim ply purchase all filters in, lets say 82mm, then use step-up adapters to fit all lenses? I have tried to keep to the 5 2mm filter size lenses(Fujinons), but too much of a sacrifice, had to have that Rodenstock 90mm 6.8 Grandagon. The n that opens up all kind of lens options I had not been considering. Thanks. *

John Hicks
2-Feb-2001, 14:11
> step-up adapters

That's what I had to do; 72mm filters and step rings down to 52mm and 49mm fil ters and step rings down to 40.5mm. The alternative was a huge sackful of expens ive filters.

Just beware that a filter on a step rings can cause mechanical vignetting with a really wide lens especially when movements are used.

Gary Albertson
2-Feb-2001, 14:41
John, are all step-up rings exactly the same, any manufacturer better than the o ther, perhaps to minimize the problem you had mentioned

2-Feb-2001, 14:45

Both Schneider (B+W) and Heliopan sell three-point adjustable step-up rings. They are not screw-in type, but clamp onto the outer barrel of your front lens unit by three little "shoes". This might work for you. I personally use HiTech filter systems, employing adapter rings from 49 mm to 77 mm. Good luck!

Bob Salomon
2-Feb-2001, 15:46
No step up rings are not all the same. Heliopan's are made from brass and are very thin. Others are aluminum and can be quite thick.

Aluminum ones are not as parallel as brass ones. Thin ones don't have a problem with vignetting on a 90mm like thick ones do. Especially if you use thin mount filters which are the only type used for the common filter types by Heliopan. Heliopan's thin mount filters will not vignette with a 21mm lens on 35mm or its' equivelent on larger formats.

John Hicks
2-Feb-2001, 18:26
> all step-up rings exactly the same

No, some are thick, some are thin, some are brass and some are aluminum. Alumi num will tend to bind and thick ones increase the possibility of vignetting.

If I were going to buy or order a batch I'd probably just buy Heliopan, which avoids those problems. In fact, though, I'm just using an assortment that I've a ccumulated over the years. Probably someday getting a filter firmly stuck to its ring will make me stop using the cheapo rings. <g>

adam friedberg
2-Feb-2001, 20:57
from my experience heliopan are far better than anything else although they can be harder to find. every time i've bought a tiffen or some other cheap aluminium ring - always because i've been in a hurry and couldn't find the heliopan - i've had to replace it. i did wind up with one b+w step up (lightweight brass) and so far it's ok, but it doesn't feel as good as heliopan.

William Marderness
4-Feb-2001, 22:15
I use 82mm and Series 9 (83.5mm) filters with step-up rings. I had trouble with vignetting when I used the filter size some lenses are designed to take.