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Sorin Varzaru
3-Feb-2001, 12:48
I just loaded my first batch of holders and I just want to make sure I loaded th em right. I loaded them as in the picture below : http://www.photo.net/photodb/image-display?photo_id=156260&size=lg < br> htt p://www.photo.net/photodb/image-display?photo_id=156260&size=lg (http://www.photo.net/photodb/image-display?photo_id=156260&size=lg) Please confirm if I loaded them right.

Steve Baggett
3-Feb-2001, 13:27

David Richhart
3-Feb-2001, 17:49
AT LAST!!! Someone has taken the time to post a photograph of the correct loading of a film holder. The past threads often became confusing, with some photographer's descriptions of loading from the top, some from the right, and still others loading to hide the notches.

I am sure this picture will help many in the future. Well done, Sorin...

David A. Goldfarb
3-Feb-2001, 18:02
Nice diagram, Sorin. Tuan should add it to the main page.

Sorin Varzaru
3-Feb-2001, 21:55
:-) I figured another beginner like me might find this drawing usefull. By all means, please feel free to display/copy/distribute freely.

Doug Paramore
3-Feb-2001, 22:28
Sorin: Good job with the drawing. Someone should have done it sooner. Hope this makes it to the archives in an easily found spot.


Pete Andrews
5-Feb-2001, 11:26
Excellent work Sorin.Just one brief suggestion, with no criticism intended, for future reference.Try using the GIF format for this type of illustration, it's more efficient for drawings with only a few colours in them.I just reduced your drawing to a 16 colour GIF and resaved it. The GIF file was 9K as opposed to 12K for the JPEG. Also the GIF format doesn't give those frilly JPEG artefacts around outlines.