View Full Version : sinar mount to copal?

10-Jul-2008, 13:36
I looked around a bit for the answer, but just for confirmation by the sages of this forum, can a lens mounted in those sinar mounts be transferred to their corresponding copal shutter? Thanks in advance.

erie patsellis
10-Jul-2008, 14:37
Yes, generally they can, and at least one person is not too aggresively looking for db mounts (me...)

Bob Salomon
10-Jul-2008, 15:53
Any modern lens in any shutter, including DB, can be remounted in any modern shutter, Copal, Copal Press, Rollei, Horseman, etc. But it may not be a DIY project and you may need to have aperture scales calibrated and shims inserted or removed to optimize performance.

8x10 user
10-Jul-2008, 17:00
SKgrimes will get the spacing correct, just send the lens to them in the mount. You can save some money if you also send them a used copal shutter.