View Full Version : How to reconstitute Rapid Fix?

Marco Milazzo
10-Jul-2008, 13:08
I have a couple of bottles of Kodak Rapid Fix part A, and a bottle of Photographer's Formulary T-4 Rapid Fix which have "settled out." That is, there's are white "cakes" at the bottom of the bottles, with clear liquid over them. How can I reconstitute these so they're usable again? Shaking doesn't help -- the cakes at the bottom are solid.

10-Jul-2008, 13:42
by coincidence, I have the same thing with my TF-4! One of my bottles which I've used 2/3rds of, has pieces of stuff that doesn't dissolve, I assumed it was because I had opened the bottle a while ago and not mixed up the rest of it yet. I'd love to rescue the remaining solution :-)

Gene McCluney
10-Jul-2008, 23:41
I believe this "settling out" is a form of oxidation. You cannot re-dissolve the sludge. I have this happen when I leave Rapid Fix in a deep tank for an extended period of time, and the only solution is to dump and mix up fresh. Thankfully, rapid-fix is not very expensive. This will happen with Rapid-Fix solution 'A' whether it is in concentrate form, or mixed up into working solution developer. It is decomposition, or oxidation of the chemical elements, not just a chemical coming out of solution.

Mark Sampson
11-Jul-2008, 04:51
With Rapid Fixer, and probably all ammonium-thiosulfate liquid fixers, color as well as b/w, it's called sulfurization. The sulfur has precipitated out of solution, making the fixer unusable. Once it's gone, it's not coming back. TF-4 on the other hand comes cloudy in the bottle, and has to be shaken up to mix. But if solids in the bottle won't dissolve, it's done as well.

erie patsellis
11-Jul-2008, 09:23
Mark, my understanding is filtering and addition of sodium sulfite will work.


Mark Sampson
11-Jul-2008, 11:48
perhaps you're right; I'm no chemist. But I operate on the idea that chemicals are cheap and my pictures are valuable. I'll also say that dealing with a 25-gallon RA-4 bleach-fix tank that has sulfurized, where everything; tanks, rack, rollers, gears & chains, recirc pumps, lines and filter pod, are covered in sticky, stinking yellow mud, is no fun at all. There's no question then of re-using it... one of the few benefits of leaving C-prints behind is not having to deal with that kind of thing.

erie patsellis
12-Jul-2008, 08:01
I agree Mark, even rack cleaner has a hard time with sulfur deposits. I use a W-L Pro 6, everything (except C41 Bleach) is one shot. Makes life a lot easier. I've never bothered with Blix, as Bleach is replenishable/regenerable and with aeration lasts a long long time. Since it's easily the most expensive part of C41 chemistry, reuse makes it a no-brainer. It's a bit overkill for my rate of use (50 rolls or so per month over 2 photographers) but the press the start button and walk away aspect makes it almost painless.

Marco Milazzo
12-Jul-2008, 15:23
Thanks for all responses. Guess to be safe, I'll toss the stuff and start fresh.