View Full Version : Focusing Screen grid lines

Lawrence Thomas Pickard
3-Feb-2001, 11:08
I'm making a replacement ground glass for my Graphic View I. As suggested I used a valve grinding compound for the glass, tried "rough" and "fine" grits on two pieces of glass (no size was listed for the compounds). Now I'm trying to put so me grid lines on the glass and can't find a satisfactory marker. Suggestions? Thanks. Lawrence

David Brown
3-Feb-2001, 15:47
Use pencil on the rough side of the glass; for temporary markings, a "sharpie" ultra fine point on the smooth side works well.

Anthony J. Kohler
3-Feb-2001, 22:41
In putting a set of lines on for a roll film adaptor, I used the thinnest size of drafting tape on the underside of the glass. It's held up for years.

Ron Shaw
5-Feb-2001, 12:35
I scribed lines on mine with the blade of an exacto knife. I used a straight edge lined up on measured tick marks, and went over with the exacto a number of times until the 'tooth' was removed. The result is much like the scribed lines on the face of an oscilloscope. Very fine, and transparent. And forever, too.