View Full Version : Rodenstock lens wrench and 90mm Super Angulon

9-Jul-2008, 22:43
Hey folks,

I believe I read a review somewhere over the internet where the user could not get the Rodenstock lens wrench to work with his 90mm Super Angulon. I tried looking for this review, but I can't see to find it.

Does anyone know if I'll be able to use the Rodenstock lens wrench on the 90mm Super Angulon? I have the f8 model.



Frank Petronio
9-Jul-2008, 23:31
The difficulty with using the flat metal Rodenstock type lens-wrench isn't dependent on any lens made since the 60s that uses common Copal or Compur shutters... the problem is that the lens wrench will not fit into the cavity of some recessed lensboards. In which case you need to use a spanner type mounting tool -- or a nail or jacknife -- to tighten the mounting ring in the confined space.

Or just use a flat lensboard with the 90mm and save a lot of hassles with mounting and actual use when shooting (it is often hard to get your fingers into a recessed board to adjust the shutter). For most modern 4x5 field cameras you can use a 90mm on a flat board just fine.

This is way overpriced but that's what they go for, try eBay instead:

This one is better and is actually less expensive:

But the Rodenstock flat wrench is still the best if you don't need the spanner.

9-Jul-2008, 23:39
Hey Frank, thanks for the heads up. I won't be using a recessed lens board, so the Rodenstock lens wrench will work fine with the 90mm SA f8, correct?


Per Madsen
10-Jul-2008, 00:03
The Rodenstock lens wrench works with the Compur or Copal 0 shutter on a late 90 mm Super Angulon, but if you have an early 90 mm Super Angulon 8.0 it could be in a Compur 00 shutter and the Rodenstock lens wrench does not cover 00 type shutters.

Bob Salomon
10-Jul-2008, 05:38
It works on all lenses in 0, 1 or 3 shutter that are mounted on a flat lensboard. The Linos/Rodenstock wrench also fits these lenses regardless of shutter make.

John Schneider
10-Jul-2008, 09:25
My $0.02: Get the Rodenstock wrench; it's light and handy (great for the field), fits most anything, and makes it hard to damage the lens or shutter. Also, get the SK Grimes spanner version. It works on recessed boards and everywhere else the Rodie wrench won't. Plus, it works on all kinds of other gear, like binocular and microscope objectives.

10-Jul-2008, 10:15
Oops, forgot to specify the shutter. Yes, the 90mm SA (newer, multi-coated version) is on a Copal 0. I'll go ahead an add the Rodenstock lens wrench to my cart. I don't see myself using a recessed lens board in the near future.

Thanks guys!