View Full Version : Center filter on S-A 121/8

Paul Schilliger
3-Feb-2001, 04:34
This is a rather specific question but it could well be that someone has tried t his combo: The Super-Angulon 121/8 will cover 8x10 tightly, when closed down. Is it possible to adapt a center filter (the standard Schneider designed for 90 an d 120 SA) without vignetting the corners of the 8x10 format? My fear is that the adapting ring needed will acts like a spacer, and therefore the mount might sho w up into the field. Any experience?

7-Feb-2001, 13:36

You may want to look at the filter holder that SK Grimes makes. It is designed to slip over the outer rim of the lens, not thread into the inside rim. It is intended for use on lenses without threads, however, it may be the right device to use to adapt a modern CF to the lens. I'm sure he can design the adaptor to permit the filter to slide up close to the front rim of the lens, so that it won't vignette.

Check it out at SKGRIMES.COM. It may be just what you need.