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Michael Graves
9-Jul-2008, 12:04
Does anyone know of a source? I find all sorts of hot-shoe levels and even some that you can screw onto a camera (for a small fortune and assuming you want to drill holes.) But is there anything you can simply stick on? I want them to be able to come off easily if I sell the camera. Which hasn't happened for six years...but you never know.

9-Jul-2008, 12:15
I've used dubble stick tape. The foam kind has worked best for me. The spirit level I've used are the cheap "line levels" available at hardware stores.

robert amsden
9-Jul-2008, 12:54
Calumet sells levels for calumet & cambo cameras that work on 2 axis. You can use silicon rubber to put on. Easy to remove.

Bob Salomon
9-Jul-2008, 14:43
Kaiser makes one.

Kevin Crisp
9-Jul-2008, 15:31
Cabela's has adhesive levels, stock no. QX-415946, for $9.99 each. I've used them on several difference cameras and they work fine.

Walter Calahan
9-Jul-2008, 15:46
I got mine at an Ace Hardware store.

Glenn Thoreson
9-Jul-2008, 18:37
I get Starett circular levels from enco.com. They mount with 3 screws but you could stick it on with double sticky tape. They're round with the bubble in the center. Levels in every direction. Kinda big, though, for some uses. About 1 1/2" in diameter. I use them for leveling machinery but I've put a couple on my view cameras. I carry one loose in some camera cases, for cameras they don't fit or would be in the way. Just sit it on top and remove whenever you want.

Kevin Crisp
9-Jul-2008, 19:19
The problem with circular levels can be (as many a Canham owner can attest) that you have to be above them looking down.

Dave Parker
10-Jul-2008, 00:16
Home depot sells a small key chain level that works great for cameras, about 3/8" square and about 1 1/4 long, can be seen from all sides, just sit on the camera and can be stuck back in you pocket, sells for $1.19 each, I have been using them for years.


10-Jul-2008, 01:53
Check with your local clock repair person. Through our clock parts suppliers, we used to buy small fluid levels by the box full and liberally give them away to customers. They're perfect for sticking to cameras.

Bill Riley

10-Jul-2008, 03:24
I wouldn't trust an adhesive spirit level. In my case, Contact printing 8x10's means no photoshop, so getting things squared-off is a big issue. I don't even trust on-camera spirit levels, so I hold a transparent, right-angle level to the ground glass. I also whack the holder to settle the film and jiggle the holder to get it seated straight in the camera.

Michael Graves
18-Jul-2008, 07:50
Thanks, Dave!! I did the keychain level and it's PERFECT!!

Ernest Purdum
18-Jul-2008, 20:05
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