View Full Version : Mounting Cold Shoe to Arca Swiss 6x9 Camera

Larry Menzin
9-Jul-2008, 11:15
Has anyone found a way to install a cold shoe (flash shoe) to an Arca 6x9 F-line camera? I'd like to use one as an accessory mount.


9-Jul-2008, 11:50

ARCA has not got anything like that and there is nothing on the market . I have searched a lot but was not successful .
So , I decided to make one myself . As I have the machines you would need , it was quite easy .
I reworked the little "rodholder" which is inserted in the (top) middle of the front or back frame and which is thought to hold the rod for the ARCA lenshade and I affixed a cold shoe to it . My mistake was , that I got the cold shoe from HASSELBLAD . The one for the 905SWC and that was rather expensive .

Regards Jürgen

Glenn Thoreson
11-Jul-2008, 16:28
I'm not familiar with your camera but for my old wood field cameras and Speed Graphics, I scrounge the shoe off a junk camera and use tiny flat head screws to attach it. Some plastic cameras from the thrift store have usable shoes and the price is right.