View Full Version : Specs. on Tehnika Telomar 5.5/360mm

Steven S. Miric
6-Apr-2001, 19:12
I need the details and specification on LF lens: Technnika Telomar 5.5/360mm , C ompound shutter. I would like to find out image circle, filter size and some gen eral information regarding usage of this older lens. Thanks.

7-Apr-2001, 15:59
The "Technnika Telomar 5.5/360mm , Compound shutter" was made by Voigtlander and has a five elements in three groups construction with a 33 degree coverage. Its filter thread size is 67 mm, and covers 4x5 with little movement. Use it as telephoto lens just like Schneider Tele-Xenar and Rodenstock Rotelar. Hope this helps. Cheers,