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8-Jul-2008, 16:15
Of the two lenses, the 300mm Fujinon A and the Fujinon C, which is sharper with the 8x10?

Ben Syverson
8-Jul-2008, 16:37
I'm sure someone who is actually knowledgeable will chime in momentarily :) but from everything I've read, they're both extremely sharp. The main differences should be size, weight, coverage and aperture...

Walter Calahan
8-Jul-2008, 16:38
Info from a former thread (not exactly the same but has good info)


and another thread


and then there is: http://www.thalmann.com/largeformat/fujinon.htm

but sharpness is a relative term - grin.

8-Jul-2008, 17:25
Thanks Walter for the links. I did do some searching on my own as well before making my inquiry. I've mad some beautiful negatives with the 300c, however they definitely aren't as sharp as the 305 g-claron I once used...... that being said I didn't care for the harsher tonality produced in the g-claron. Is the Fujinon A and G-Claron of the same design with the Fujinon A being mulitcoated?

9-Jul-2008, 12:25
So is the A series a larger piece of glass and similar to the g-claron in design as opposed to the smaller C series? Thanks guys.


Warren Clark
9-Jul-2008, 12:40
Hi Jordan,
I'll let someone else answer the design question only to add that my
Fuji 300 A is one of my favorite lenses for 8x10 and smaller formats.
I've used it for varied subjects near and far and have found no deficiencies.
I own and use several other 300's but the 300 A is the most versatile.

Good shooting,

Warren Clark

Richard M. Coda
9-Jul-2008, 12:55
I echo Warren's reply. And, it is not that big of a lens.

9-Jul-2008, 12:59
I know it is not that big.... I just want to know if it is bigger that the 300 C?

Ron Marshall
9-Jul-2008, 13:38
The A is 410 grams, the C is 250g.

Ken has a write-up of the A on his site:


Rob Vinnedge
9-Jul-2008, 16:14

I had the opposite experience with the 300C vs. 305 G-Claron. I compared them side-by-side with B/W and Fuji Astia, photographing at close up and infinity, and found the 300C to be markedly superior in contrast and resolution ( I didn't test for coverage, however). Maybe I had exceptions to the rule - or maybe yours were exceptions - who knows?