View Full Version : Lee Filter Holder on 90mm

Steven S. Miric
1-Feb-2001, 20:11
I am getting in to Lee filter holder system for large and medium format. My ques tion is if I have to get "wide angle" adapter ring for 90mm large format lens, b ecause of vignetting or I can go with regular 82mm ring ( I have Fujinon 90mm/5. 6 ). Thanks.

Steve Baggett
2-Feb-2001, 00:32
I've used a Lee system with an LF Grandagon-N 90mm (67mm front) without using a wide-angle adapter ring without any problems, but I used it on the Lee "wide angle kit" (see below). I've used the regular Lee system (foundation kit + shade) on an Fuji 65mm for GX680 with 95mm "standard" adapter and I had some slightly darkened corners (just about to vignette). More important than which adapter ring you pick, IMO, is the type of Lee kit you pick. The regular foundation kit with the shade that slides in the front slot is longer than the Lee "wide-angle" system with the clamp ring made permanently onto the back of the shade with 2 filter holders. The difference is about 1.5cm, in terms of the position of the front of the shade when compressed to it's minium. The "wide angle" adpater ring will buy you about .5cm in shortening of the overall system. Of course, this might be the critical amount you need. If you get both the WA adapter ring and the wide-angle kit you almost certainly will be vignette-free. Sorry I couldn't answer specifically.

Larry Huppert
2-Feb-2001, 10:30
I use a Schneider SA-90mm 5.6 with the Lee wide angle adapter, and haven't had any issues through the full range of movement. I'm not sure if a standard adapter would also work. As the previous poster suggested, if your ever going to stack other things on the front (e.g. Lee lens shade or more filters), the wide angle adapter gives you more margin.

QT Luong
2-Feb-2001, 14:36
You will most likely want the wide-angle ring. The Lee regular rings are quite thick. They might not vignette in neutral position, but will almost certainly cut your image circle for all but your long lenses. I found the regular rings cut so much of the image circles of my Apo-Sironar-S 150/5.6 and Apo-Symmar 210/5.6 that I never use them (5x7 format). On the other hand, I had little problems with the wide-angle rings even on 90/8 and 110/5.6.

Brian Ellis
2-Feb-2001, 23:20
I used the regular Lee system (before they came out with the various wide angle stuff) and a 90 mm F 5.6 Super Angulon. I got vignetting several times, mainly with movements. I'd avoid using a 90 mm lens with the regular Lee adapter.