View Full Version : Seeking advice on 47mm lens w/ Canham DLC45

Larry Huppert
9-Mar-1999, 23:20
I'm considering the purchase of a 47mm lens (probably Schneider Super Angulon) f or use on a Canham DLC45. My DLC is configured with the Linhof style lens board adapter.

From trying this lens on a flat lens board, and talking with Canham it has becom e apparent that a recessed lens board is an absolute requirement (the two standa rds cannot physically be moved close enough together to achieve focus).

Is anyone using this configuration of camera and lens who can offer advice as to how well it works? From a recessed lensboard standpoint I'm wondering if the s tandard Canham lens board setup (Toyo compatible) is a significantly better choi ce since it offers an option for a very-deep (~1 inch) recessed board and more f inger manipulation space than the Linhof boards.

Ellis Vener
10-Mar-1999, 00:21
I have actually done this! The lens was the older non XL version and it was moun ted in a Linhof recessed board, I am assuming by Linhof.. You are correct: The l arger standard Canham recessed board may make it easier. If you purchase the New 47mm f/5.6 XL lens see if you can get Linhof to mount the lens for you. You sho uld also get the Schneider cnter weighted filter

By the way photo worked well, no problem with focusing to infinity. However the older style lens definitely doesn't cover a 4x5. 6x12cm yes; 4x5 not even close.

Bob Salomon
10-Mar-1999, 06:28
There isn't one Linhof Technika recessed lensboard. There are several.

One is for extreme wide like the 35mm on the TK, One is for the 45/47 on the TK and one is for the longer wide angles.

Which one are you using

Ellis Vener
10-Mar-1999, 11:34
Larry, you want the one for the 47mm.

Ellis Vener
10-Mar-1999, 11:36
Larry, you want the one for the 47mm, you may even want to buy the lens, already mounted, from Linhof. But maybe you won't need to

Larry Huppert
11-Mar-1999, 00:27
Ellis and Bob - thank you for the information.