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7-Jul-2008, 03:28
Hi - A couple of months ago I purchased my first Gandolfi, a 5x4 Traditional.

I wonder if anyone here could tell me the cameras approximate age - where is the serial number, if there is one, (I can't find it) and what is the purpose of the small screw threaded brass fitting on the front top left of the camera.

Any other information would also be very welcome

some more pictures are here:

Thank you in advance

nn :)

Sven Schroder
7-Jul-2008, 04:03

I was slightly puzzled by that threaded hole, the sliding central panel has more rise than fall in the orientation in your photo, but if you want more fall say your high up on a building, you simply take you're lens off unscrew the retaining knob which is currently at the bottom, slide the panel out turn it upside down and slide it back and put the retaining knob in the upper threaded hole. Its easier to do than explain and it took a trip to a local disused Quarry for me to work it out.

So hope this helps.


Ole Tjugen
7-Jul-2008, 04:05
It's marked "Gandolfi Makers London", so it's before they moved from London. The screw slots mostly line up, except on the spring back - so either that bit is not original, or the springs have been replaced at some time (and not by a Gandolfi family member). Since they "mostly line up", it may actually have been made by Louis himself, since Arthur was very particular about the alignment of the screw head slots. Or maybe Thomas did the metal work, as he did until he died in 1968?:)

The problem in dating a Gandolfi camera is that the "Precision" model was made with no visible changes from about 1920 until - until - well, it's still being made.

The small threaded brass fitting on top left of the front is the same as the one on the bottom right. That's so you can reverse the "front lift" part of the front is you should ever need more front fall.

7-Jul-2008, 04:08
Congratulatuions. Never let go of it. It has all the same fittings as mine (about 1955) except for the spring back. Mine has a more modern double leaf lorry type of spring. Does yours take regular Fidelity holders? You could ask Corfied in Andover, they took over from Gandolfi. They might even have a better spring back and some lensboards.

Ole Tjugen
7-Jul-2008, 04:17
Corfield are out of Gandolfi since some years.

See www.gandolficameras.com for the current owner. he may be difficult to get hold of, though. :(