View Full Version : 4x5 infrared manufacturer

Jeff Hall
4-Apr-2001, 13:05
I believe I read something on here about Kodak discontinueing 4x5 infrared. Is this true, and if so, is there another company producing IR in 4x5?

Thanks, Jeff

John Lehman
4-Apr-2001, 13:33
Yes Kodak has discontinued 4x5 HIE; there is a German company called macophot which sells a new version ($50/box from B&H). I haven't tried it, since I have several hundred sheets of the last run of Kodak HIE in the freezer.

Michael S. Briggs
4-Apr-2001, 14:31
Maco is now producing 4x5 infrared film: http://www.mahn.net/TAIRe.htm

paul owen
4-Apr-2001, 19:44
The Maco film is available from Silverprint (UK) by mail order.

marcus schwier
5-Apr-2001, 18:28
maco can now deliver the infrared products. results you can see in an italien magazine. look for that at theit hompage for links.

Rosalind Williams
8-May-2002, 18:48
Help! I need any and all information on processing MACO IR820c The website has no info.