View Full Version : G-Claron 305mm coverage

Thierry Schreiner
6-Jul-2008, 09:26
Hi to all,

I just put my 305mm G-claron on my 14x17 inch camera and was surprised to see it covers the format nicely. A really large wide-angle, but seemingly sharp to the edge.

What is the real usable coverage of this lens ?

Does anyone out there use the 305mm G-claron on such a large format and what is your experience?

Thank's for sharing and best regards


Don Hutton
6-Jul-2008, 12:01
I've used it a lot on 11x14 - has room for decent movements, but I am very surprized it covers 14x17.

Thierry Schreiner
7-Jul-2008, 08:34

It really does. At full aperture, I can rise the lens to about one inch before the corners darken.

Best regards


Don Hutton
7-Jul-2008, 08:55
Yes - but stop it down to say f45 and can you, through the front of the lens, see each corner of the ground glass completely? - that will tell you if it does actually cover at f45...

John Powers
8-Jul-2008, 03:48
Michael Mutmansky used it on his 7x17 a lot. I tried, but needed a 12" Dagor to get the movements I wanted.