View Full Version : What is the widest lens that can be used on a Tachihara?

Alex B.
4-Apr-2001, 10:50
I would like to know if I would be able to use the Rodenstock 55mm on a Tachihar a. What are the disadvantages and/or caveats? Thanks.

William Leviit
4-Apr-2001, 10:57
Which camera are you refering to, 4X5 or 8X10"?

Alex B.
4-Apr-2001, 11:01
Sorry, it's the 4x5, newer version.

paul owen
4-Apr-2001, 19:43
I seem to remember that you could only go to about 75mm at a push and with very little movement (but this was possibly an older model than the one you describe). The one I looked at had very stiff bellows. Regards Paul

QT Luong
4-Apr-2001, 20:19
As I wrote in the Tachihara article, I was able to use the 58mm. I am pretty sure you would also be able to use a 55mm, it's only a 3mm difference. To do so, you use front base tilt (backwards) and front axis tilt to bring back the lens to vertical. The caveat is that you won't be able to use any movements on the front standards.

Brian Ellis
4-Apr-2001, 21:47
I used a 65 mm on mine. I think that one of the beauties of this sometimes under rated camera is the ability to use anything from a 400 mm telephoto (300 mm normal) lens to at least a 65 mm (or 58mm according to Tuan) without the necessity of buying and lugging around a bag bellows.