View Full Version : should I trade?

6-Jul-2008, 03:36
I have the possiblity to trade my pentax 6*7 set (body, metering prism, 90, 105, pola-back) for an 8*10 outfit,

I already own an ansco with some old uncoated lenses, but this is another beast:

calumet c1
front mounted sinar shutter
3 8*10 cassettes
and than: 300mm, 360mm 480mm, 600mm, all apo ronars!!

I'm tempted. Should i be?



Gary Beasley
6-Jul-2008, 07:37
A great temptation but then you would alway be wanting a rig to do faster and more portable shooting with. A perfect world would see you having both. The decision rests on what and how you want to shoot.

Ben Syverson
6-Jul-2008, 07:43
The 8x10 might actually be lighter.

;) just kidding... barely

What do you use the 67 for, and what would you use the 8x10 for? They're obviously quite different animals.

All that said, it may be a worthwhile trade just for all the lenses! Pentax 67s are pretty cheap these days if you wind up regretting the trade...

6-Jul-2008, 07:53

well, I do mainly portraits,
but struggle with the pentax with the mirror slap etc.

I'm just wondering if it is worth the hassle to have
2 8*10 systems. one classic (ansco with uncoated glass)
and the calumet with all this sharp glass, a shutter that
can be mounted to a flash-set, and a rigid camera, since
I find the ansco beautifull, but my guess is that the
calumet is sturdier,

anybody any experience with the apo-ronars?



6-Jul-2008, 08:46

i would trade the 6x7 gear. keep the good "new" glass that you can use and sell the rest.

i have been shooting mostly LF recently. i have not really used my RB67 as much. when i want to shoot fast and light i have been taking my F100.


John Kasaian
6-Jul-2008, 08:52
Go for it!
8x10 will give you sweet portraits, but you might trade one of those APO Ronars for a 14" Commercial Ektar or a 375mm Ilex and a 10" WF Ektar or 12" Wolly Velostigmat--my 2-cents :)

Brian Ellis
6-Jul-2008, 09:19
Mirror slap on the Pentax 67 is a much hyped and overrated problem. The slap you hear is mostly the sound of the mirror returning to the down position, AFTER the photograph has been made. I blame that ridiculous "test" done by the Luminous Landscape guy for a lot of misplaced concern about the effect of "mirror slap" or "shutter slap" as he also calls it on the Pentax 67.

On a pure value basis you'd probably come out ahead if the Calumet and lenses are in good shape. That's a lot of lenses that cover 8x10 (I assume) and while I've never used APO Ronars, I would think they surely sell for at least a couple hundred dollars each. My Pentax 67 camera, with metering prism, sold for about $250 on ebay IIRC a year or so ago. I don't think you'd get much for your 105mm lens, maybe $75 or so. I don't know about the 90 but I doubt that it would bring as much as my 50mm, which sold for about $300. So I'm guessing that you'd get maybe $450-$500 or so if you sold your Pentax stuff on ebay (unless the 90 is more valuable than I'm guessing it is). You could get a better indication by looking at completed sales on ebay but I would think the Calumet C1 with the lenses you mention would cost more than that assuming the lenses are in good working shutters.

Of course the real question is whether you really want another 8x10 system or whether you could combine the best of the two systems into one and sell the rest. Only you can answer that.