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5-Jul-2008, 22:20
I just received my Hermagis casket set in the mail today in perfect shape. This is a beautiful set with nearly all waterhouse stops and all lenses. The case is perfect too. Im really looking forward to shooting this but I was looking for more info since I really don't know anything about this lens.

The waterhouse stops are stamped with standard f stop numbers but this confuses me since the f stop of a fixed diamter hole will be different for different focal lengths. Why then are they stamped???? Ok, Ill get some images posted soon but I am laptop-less for the moment.


5-Jul-2008, 23:39
I think you must be missing some doc. The set would have been supplied with an instruction sheet with f stop conversion table. It will be easy enough to reconstruct.

fnum=combination focal length/stop hole diameter

biggest problem may be getting an accurate measurement of the hole diameters.

I guess they are stamped so that you dont have to do the calculation at each shot. They could just as easily have been stamped 1,2,3... or a,b,c...

These sets are fairly common, so if you give the focal lengths you have, maybe someone here could provide a copy of the orignal sheet.

Ole Tjugen
6-Jul-2008, 00:35
I think I have an f-stop table for Hermagis casket sets at home - I'll check what I have when I get home next week.

I'm working on (slowly) making a website for casket sets, and this is the kind of information I will give high priority.

7-Jul-2008, 22:38
That sounds great, thanks for taking a look. I really like this set and am just pleased as all hell with it. I have the lens barrel at the machinist's shop right now getting 3 retaining rings cut for it (so I can try it on different cameras). Should be real good...


Sven Schroder
8-Jul-2008, 02:36

Glad you're pleased with it Hollis, the set that I kept has instructions, its similar to the hermagis but marked " E Francis Paris - Rectilinea Foyers Multiples." and No 2. The build quality is the same and the elements where almost a interchangable between the two sets so the table should help. The Hermagis came from a flea market and the E Francis off ebay a week later, I just hope I kept the right one?

So please find a quick pic of the instructions attached, Ole please post a request for info here (when you're ready) and I'll dig out some more info (hermagis catalogue) and pics of the E Francis and the Berthiot trousse Eurygraphe Serie IVc.

Thanks and regards

Ole Tjugen
8-Jul-2008, 02:48
I already have a Berthiot trousse Eurygraphe with instructions - but I can't remember which Serie it is.

But you can be absolutely certain I will ask for info here - info, pictures, pictures shot with, permission to use on website, and all that. :)

15-Jul-2008, 07:43
I also have a Berthiot Trousse Eurygraphe , but no instructions and it may also not be complete as I didn't get the box. . It has no series indication on but is composed of 305mm and 575mm elements and a barrel with a normal iris and aperture markings in millimeters from 5 to 40. The combined elements appear to focus at about 250mm .Unfortunately I am missing the correct flange. You are welcome to pics or other info if reqd.