View Full Version : Korona 8x10

Louis Jensen
5-Apr-2001, 00:07
I am the new owner of a Korona 8x10 view camera. It has the number 141 on the w ooden body. Does anyone have an intelligent guess as to it's age?

5-Apr-2001, 04:33

the manufacturing of the Gundlach Koronas spans quite a long time, and they were not, as far as I know, made to one exact specification, and I know of no source for a serial numbers. But my own camera is a Korona View camera, late style, made in 1929-30. Check out the following adress for some information on the cameras (under the title Gundlach): http://www.fiberq.com/cam/

I think you should be able to recognize what kind of camera you have, when you check the respective cameras and their movements and how they look in the pictures.

Jeff Buckels
9-Apr-2001, 20:43
I have no better suggestion than the website referred to in the previous response. I just wanted to say "congrats". I have a Korona 5x7 (beautifully restored) and love it. Very light, excellent movements. It's not stout like a Deardorf or an Agfa/Ansco, but it's just fine if you're reasonably careful (and why wouldn't you be?). An underrated make among the classic view cameras. -jeff buckels (albuquerque nm)