View Full Version : Replacement Aperature Scales

Kevin Kemner
31-Jan-2001, 12:07
Hi Everyone,

I need to find a replacement aperature scale for a 75/8 Super Angulon. Any reco mmendations or should I send it off to Mr. Grimes?

As always thanks for the advice.

Scott Walton
31-Jan-2001, 16:15
Steve would be the BEST bet!

Michael Klayman
1-Feb-2001, 09:59
You can also buy them direct from us for $70.

Michael Klayman Schneider Optics, Inc.

Steven S. Miric
1-Feb-2001, 11:39
Well, I bought a new set of scales for my Grandagon lens (shutter No.1) at Daymen Photo in Markaham, Ontario (Canada) for about $20.00 US. If you want , you can contact Mr. Dave Lemieux at 905-944-9400 or on service@daymen.com....It is a good deal, and a great service.

Steve Grimes.
1-Feb-2001, 14:09
See: http://www.skgrimes.com/iris/index.htm for a page about the iris scales I supply.